Cleaner Coops provides reoccurring coop/run cleaning services to make sure your feathered friends are healthy, happy and thriving in their homes.

You can pick below from our service offerings what fits your needs the most. We can’t wait to meet and love on your girls.

All of our cleaning services include the following:
  • Coop & Run
  • We bring our own supplies, but prefer to use your own rake and shovel to not spread bacterial to flocks. Note: If we do use ours they are sanitized after each coop cleaning.
  • Cleaning off of dried poop off coop
  • Cleaning and resting the nesting boxes as well as inside of coop
  • Raking and removing poop from coop enclosure or fenced in area around coop.
  • Adding dextrose earth to ground to promote happy dust baths for your hens (again so important for their health & happiness).
  • Nesting box herbs to promote stress-free laying and relaxation (also smells so good!)
  • Coop refresher to help with odors & breakdown of natural waste.
  • Microbe-life cleaner/ deodorizer this is all natural, beneficial bacteria blend that helps to eliminate ammonia odors (which is critical in maintaining chicken respiratory health).
  • 100% natural dried meal worm treats

Everything we use is animal and chicken safe, non-GMO and natural ALWAYS!

Deep Cleans / Coop Maintenance - This is a reoccurring subscription service:

Every 4 weeks/once a month deep clean and reset of the coop. This is ideal for chicken flocks 2-6. Includes loving on them & treats.

Every 2 weeks deep clean and rest for flocks 8-12.Including loving on them & treats.

Every week for flocks 12-15. Includes loving on them & treats.

Al a carte Services:

  • One time deep clean and reset with love & treats
  • Light clean (nesting box refresh) fill up food, water, love on & treats and racking of poop from pen flooring.
  • General food & water, love on with treats & socializing (possible egg retrieval)

We also love to make suggestions, if you want them for your coop & chickens health. This can include building and expanding on your current chicken coops.