Which ground cover is best for your flock?

At Cleaner Coops we see a lot of different ground covers in chicken coops and chicken runs.
There is sand, dirt, hemp, shavings and rocks.
Don’t forget about all the chicken box nesting options as well. Shavings, pre cut nesting pads and even AstroTurf sustainable & reusable pads.
We feel that it’s like anything, if your chickens are happy & thriving keep doing what you are doing, but we do have some tips that have seemed to improve many of the coops & chicken flocks we work with.
We highly recommend newspaper lining the inside of the coop & nesting boxes.
Inside the chicken coop in the enclosed area we recommend shavings, whatever varietal you prefer and then the precut sustainable fake grass nesting pads. Below the coop and in the run sand is our favorite on top of natural earth (whatever the ground is aka dirt).
Sand is wonderful for fast, efficient cleaning. The flock can still scratch & forage. Even scratch to get down to dirt in their dirt bath areas.
Regardless of how you create your chicken coop environment, we would love to help you maintain and clean it.
Any questions please email and we look forward to meeting your flock.
Thank you so Clucking much,
Head Hen

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